Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Sergey Tiviakov

* IGM Sergey Tiviakov
* Rating
* 1973
* Groningen

I was born in Krasnodar (USSR) on the 14th of February 1973. I began to study chess at the age of 5,5 years. Alexey Osachuk was my first coach. From 1980 until 1984 I was a pupil in the school of the Former World Champion Vassily Smyslov.

* 1989 - the start of the professional chess career. World Junior Champion U-16 (1989) and U-18 (1990).
* 1990 - end of the secondary school in Krasnodar. Since 1991 I am a Grandmaster.
* In 1994 I played a Candidate Match for the PCA World Championship Title (eliminated by Adams).
World Chess Olympiad Champion 1994 (in the team of Russia).
* 1995 - end of the studies in the Kuban State Agricultural University (Ecomony of Agriculture).
* Since September 1997 I live in Groningen (Netherlands).
* European Team Champion 2001, 2005 (in the team of the Netherlands).
* Dutch Champion 2006, 2007.
* Winner of the numerous tournaments all over the world.

Highest rating - 2700. On October 1, 2005.

Besides Russian and English, I also speak Italian, Dutch and Spanish languages. I have visited 54 countries and territories so far. I have been to all (besides Australia and Antarctica) continents. Hobbies - art, Russian pop music, book reading (especially on anomal, paranormal, ancient civilization, UFO and other subjects).

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